Findling, Inc. has a AMRL accredited and well-equipped soils and concrete laboratory with trained and certified laboratory technicians. We maintain strict quality control standards with meticulous record keeping. The lab equipment is regularly serviced and calibrated, to keep the equipment in perfect working condition. Findling, Inc. constantly tries to upgrade and update the equipment so that only the latest and most current equipment is used to perform the tests.

All testing is performed under the supervision of a Professional Engineer and the testing is performed in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO Specifications. Tests we perform include:



Moisture Content Test

Water content, ASTM Standard D 2216

Grain size Distribution

Grain size distribution, including hydrometer, ASTM Standards

D 421-85, D422-63 and D 854-92

Atterberg Limits

Atterberg limits, ASTM Standard D 4318-93

Shrinkage Limit

Shrinkage limits, ASTM Standard D 427-93

Std/Mod Proctor Tests

Moisture density relationship, ASTM Standards

698-91 and D 1557-91

CBR Tests

California Bearing Ratio (CBR), ASTM Standard D 1883-92

Unconfined Compression Tests

Unconfined compression strength, ASTM Standard D 2166-91

Direct Shear Tests

Direct shear, ASTM Standard D 3080-90

Triaxial Tests

UU (Unconsolidated Undrained, CU (Consolidated Undrained), CD (Consolidated Drained) - ASTM Standards D 2850-87 and D 2850

Consolidation Tests

Consolidation, ASTM Standard D 2435-90

Permeability Tests

Soil permeability, ASTM Standard D 2434-68

USDA Classification

USDA classification of soils, and infiltration rates.

Unified Soil Classification

Unified soil classification, ASTM Standard D 2487-93

pH (topsoil)

pH (topsoil), ASTM Standard D 4972-89

Organic Content (topsoil),

Organic content (topsoil), ASTM Standard D 5268

Swell Test

Swell test, ASTM Standard D 4546-90

Compressive Strength

Cylinder core testing, ASTM Standards C873, C39

Slump Test

Concrete slump tests, ASTM Standard C143/143M

Pressure Meter Test

Pressure meter testing, ASTM Standard C231

Chloride Ion Penetration

Chloride Ion Penetration Resistivity Test, ASTM Standard C1202

Windsor Probe

In-situ compressive strength test, ASTM Standard 803/803M