Findling, Inc. is a full service Geotechnical and GeoEnvironmental Engineering Firm in Baltimore, MD. Our Engineering Consulting and Construction Services are second-to-none. We provide quality training to our personnel, and our personnel have all the required certifications and experience to provide the highest quality of service to our clients. We serve Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Construction Inspection and Testing

Findling has well trained inspectors certified by MARTCP, ACI and various State and Federal agencies. Our inspectors perform construction inspection services on major highways, buildings, streets, dams and hazardous waste sites. They are certified to do inspection of soils, concrete and asphalt.

Our employees are OSHA HAZWOPER safety certified to work at hazardous waste sites (1610.120), and our drilling inspectors are SHA Certified.

We provide all necessary equipment to our technicians to provide soil, concrete and asphalt testing on small and large construction projects.

Findling, Inc. - Maryland Construction, Inspection and Testing

Geotechnical Engineering

Findling has experienced and licensed professional Engineers to conduct cost effective geotechnical analysis, design and field exploration services for our clients. Our areas of expertise include the following:

Findling, Inc. - Maryland Geotechnical Engineering

Drilling Services

Findling, Inc. - Maryland Drilling Services

Findling, Inc. has drill rigs capable of drilling with hollow stem augers, mud or casing. A barge mounted drill rig allows us to drill on water. We have wireline equipment for coring rock to depths of over 150 feet. The augers range in size from 8 inch O.D. to 16 inch O.D., allowing us to install up to 12 inch diameter cased wells. We can install double cased wells to depths exceeding 150 feet in coastal plain deposits.

Findling, Inc. - Maryland Drilling Services

Our drilling services include:

Geotechnical Instrumentation

Findling, Inc. - Maryland Geotechnical Instrumentation

We have the expertise to install, monitor and analyze geotechnical instrumentation, including:

In addition, we provide vibration monitoring during rock blasting operations or during construction near sensitive structures. We also provide pre-construction and post-construction survey of sensitive structures near work sites.

Findling, Inc. - Maryland Geotechnical Instrumentation

Environmental Engineering

Findling, Inc. - Maryland Environmental Engineering

Some of the environmental engineering services we provide include:

Findling, Inc. - Maryland Environmental Engineering

Findling, Inc. - Maryland Geotechnical Engineering

Laboratory Testing

Findling, Inc. has a AASHTO accredited and well-equipped soils laboratory with trained and certified laboratory technicians. We maintain strict quality control standards with meticulous record keeping. We utilize the latest state-of-the-art equipment, and all of our equipment is regularly serviced and calibrated to keep it in perfect working condition. All testing is performed under the supervision of a Professional Engineer, and the testing is performed in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO Specifications.

Findling, Inc. - Maryland Geotechnical Engineering

Tests we perform include:

Test NameDescription
Moisture Content Test Water content, ASTM Standard D 2216
Grain Size Distribution Grain size distribution, including hydrometer, ASTM Standards
Atterberg Limits Atterberg limits, ASTM Standard D 4318
Shrinkage Limit Shrinkage limits, ASTM Standard D 427
Std/Mod Proctor Tests Moisture density relationship, ASTM Standards
CBR Tests California Bearing Ratio (CBR), ASTM Standard D 1883
Unconfined Compression Tests Unconfined compression strength, ASTM Standard D 2166
Direct Shear Tests Direct shear, ASTM Standard D 3080
Triaxial Tests UU (Unconsolidated Undrained, CU (Consolidated Undrained), CD (Consolidated Drained) - ASTM Standard D 2850
Consolidation Tests Consolidation, ASTM Standard D 2435
Permeability Tests Soil permeability, ASTM Standard D 2434
USDA Classification USDA classification of soils, and infiltration rates
Unified Soil Classification Unified soil classification, ASTM Standard D 2487
pH (Topsoil) pH (Topsoil), ASTM Standard D 4972
Organic Content (Topsoil) Organic Content (Topsoil), ASTM Standard D 5268
Swell Test Swell test, ASTM Standard D 4546-90
Compressive Strength Cylinder core testing, ASTM Standards C873, C39
Slump Test Concrete slump tests, ASTM Standard C143/143M
Pressure Meter Test Pressure meter testing, ASTM Standard C231
Chloride Ion Penetration Chloride Ion Penetration Resistivity Test, ASTM Standard C1202
Windsor Probe In-situ compressive strength test, ASTM Standard 803/803M
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