I-695 and MD Rte 26

Findling performed a Subsurface Investigation for the I-695 over MD Route 26 and Milford Mill Road Improvements Project. The scope of this work included drilling test borings in soil and coring rock at the location of the Bridge Structure, Abutments and Retaining walls. In addition, borings were drilled for the lane widening, and new ramps and modification of existing ramps. Test borings were also drilled for the proposed Storm Water Management (SWM) facilities and in-situ Infiltration tests were performed. The test borings in the existing roadway were performed during the restricted work hours, including night work on I-695 with Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) during the drilling operations. The test borings in the roadway were backfilled with grout in order to minimize future subsidence and the surface was patched with cold asphalt patch.

The samples from the test borings were transported to our laboratory for additional testing. In the laboratory, moisture content, Atterberg limits, grain size analysis and Proctor compaction tests were performed on selected samples. In addition, CBR test was performed on selected sample to aid in the design pf the pavements.