Findling is currently providing Construction Inspection and Testing Services for the MdTA, on I-95 section 100 Project, in Baltimore Maryland.   Our responsibilities have included conducting on-site inspection and testing of soils, concrete, steel and hot mix asphalt (HMA), keeping daily record of work performed; keeping daily record of labor, equipment and material on the site and hours worked; preparing sketches, and preparing quantity estimates and attending/conducting progress meetings.  We have served as owner’s “eyes and ears” on site, to protect his interest, and minimize claims by the contractor by keeping detailed and accurate records.  We always interact with owner and the contractor.

Findling contributed more than 5 Technicians and inspectors at various intersections and new bridge, ramp and roadway widening sections of the project and one inspector for the I-95 ETL laboratory (by Maryland Department of Transportation) located near Section 100 Project site.